• A letter with about 95 cents in tire money and drawings of AVGN, and the Zaibatsu as fairies from Freroburn(?) of Caco.
  • A letter a only said "Katie, From Jay" from Jason of Newark, New Jersey.
  • A letter that only said "Jay" from Katie of New Jersey.
  • A postcard from Hadija of Paris, France.
  • A letter of proposal to Pat, offering Liam to be her mistress, rejecting Woolie, and saying " 'Murica" to Matt from Ella of London, Ontario.
  • A letter with a picture of Pat's face from Brae of Arizona.
  • A letter with a reference guide of United States state abbreviations from OJ of Speedway, Indiana.
  • A print of Kamiya at E3 from Chris in Laveen, Arizona.
  • A letter with a drawing of the Zaibatsu from Taylor of Lagrange, Georgia.
  • Enter the Matrix(XBox) from Seth of Saint Hugues, Quebec.
  • A box with smaller packages with Greek letters on them. Lamda: I'm Eggscelent hat, Theta: a sushi kit, Sigma:Prelude to Overkill comic, Omega: Sea Monkeys, ??: 4 Calorie mates, Alpha/Pentagram: a full deck of Persona tarot cards, Zeta: Kakashi plush, ??: Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey(DS), Beta: a $9 bill,a Reboot button, and Franklin badge, and a Link button. Also included is a box of Band-aids from Leonard of AE.
  • a Chun Li comic, an issue of Saturn Z, and anime DVD, 2 Scaler games with booklets(PS2), Turok 2(GB), Hook(GB), a Shadow the Hedgehog LCD game, Gadget and the Gadgetinis booklet, Dragonheart(PS1), 4 Kit Kats, and a Robocop vs. Terminator pin from Kyle of the UK.
  • Several stickers, and the suggestion to call Pat "Ginger Buns" from Texas Toast Adventures.
  • Some chapstick, a guide to Dianetics and Scientology with odd photos and several pokemon cards(almost all Articuno) from Indrid of Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • A menu for a pizza chain, 4 drawings, Hellboy(360), SNK 2(XBox), from James of Wisconsin.
  • A lot of cards including Marvel Pokemon and Warhammer, and a clever cutter with charms from Robert of Green Bay.
  • Fantastic Planet DVD from Seth.
  • A script informing them of Kill la Kill on Hulu plus, Predator: Concrete Jungle novel, a poster of Marvel vs Street Fighter, (for Woolie) from Rodgerio.
  • A Babby Mammoth plush(to Pat) from Unknown.
  • A chef hat from Ian by Amazon.
  • Love and Politics, a signed mixtape from a NY peddler, and a Godzilla vs Charles Barkley comic(for Pat) from Chris of Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Darker Than Black DVD, 'All You Need is Kill' novel, from Joanie of Finland.
  • Cel Damage(Gamecube), Metal Arms(Gamecube), Ghostbusters, Spawn, Marvel Zombies, A-Team, and old issue of Hulk comics from Dartman(?) of Colleyville, Texas.
  • A Mari Illustrious figure, and a mecha Zangeif shirt from Unknown of Bulgaria.
  • 'Necronomicon' from Alexis.

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