• Drawings of Dick Butt, the members of the Zaibatsu as Dick Butts, and Dick Zaibuttsu from AggroWill(Batman).
  • Die Hard: Vendetta(Gamecube), a book on Ric Flair, The Punisher film novelization, and a letter from Andrew of Woodbury, New Jersey.
  • Two Mammoth plushes from Sam via Amazon.
  • a trophy for Super Best Friends Brawl and, Alien vs. Predator(Jaguar) from Chris of Laveen, Arizona.
  • Fours sets of character buttons, 4 posters of the Zaibatsu(Okinawa version says Woolie), 2 comic posters, 4 issues of Vol. 1 of Perfume and Primer Caps, and 4 bookmarks from Lucky and Peter(Fancy Tuna Comics) of Hamilton.
  • DVDs of No Country for Old Men, JCVD, Office Space, Beetlejuice,School for Scoundrels, Apollo 18, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Air Force One,Hitchhiker's Guide, Eddie Murphy: Delirious, Blues Brothers, Hot Fuzz/ Shaun of the Dead, Pan's Labyrinth, Snatch, War, Inc., Spaceballs, Toe Jam and Earl 3(XBox) and Final Fight: Streetwise(XBox) from Matt(ShadowMoses64) of Prince-George.
  • Two Socker Boppers boxes from Seth.
  • In a Wii U box: a crossword puzzle, and Cartridge-shaped bars of soap for Streets of Rage(for Liam), Virtua Fighter 2( for Pat),Super Metroid(for Woolie), and Final Fight(for Matt) , and an 'I Love Cyclops' hoodie(with a small Dick Butt, given to Matt)from Chris of Los Angeles, California.
  • Two letters, one full of small Dick Butt cut-outs, a cursed Hawaiian totem, a Snorlax Plush with some pokemon cards(for Liam), 3 obscure games(for Matt), holographic sunglasses and a shot glass(for Pat), a Snorlax plush, Pacman(Gameboy), and a Naruto leaf headband(for Woolie, which he scratched across in style of Akatsuki),Tokyo Hightway Battle(PS1) and Scooby Doo(PS1) from James of Wisconsin.
  • A Persona 3 artbook, a Persona 4 artbook, and Persona 4 Arena artbook for Pat from Jimmy Amazon.
  • A copy of Fist Me: A Complete Guide to Fisting, and a Belladona Bitch Fist rubber fist from Jimmy Amazon.
  • Another Belladona Bitch Fist rubber fist(for Pat), Season 1 of RWBY, and Baroque(PS2) from Andy of Fulton, Ohio.
  • Hulk fist gloves, a book on Mankind,and Godzilla no. 1(for Woolie), a deluxe DVD of T2 and X-Men series Vol. 1 & 2(for Matt), an Appleseed soundtrack and the entire Gargoyles show(for Pat), a Sonic Sir Lancelot toy and vol. 1 of Ral Grad(with a 'moe money, moe problems' sign for Liam) from Blake of Selma, Texas.
  • Kill La Kill (won by Liam over Woolie in Rock-paper-scissors) and Bayonetta wall scrolls from Unknown.
  • A Replica of the 300 Spartan sword from Shabaz via Knives Deal.

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