• A Cracker shirt(Matt), 2 Satsuki shirts(Woolie and Liam), and Suntory Boss Coffee shirt(Pat) from Abol via redbubble.
  • Street fighter X Tekken, Mortal Kombat vs DC, Rachet and Clank, Cabella's Dangerous Hunts, and a creepy demon baby craft from Zack of Moscow, Michigan.
  • The Last of Us artbook (for Pat) from Chris via Amazon.
  • A Bayonetta artbook (for Woolie)from Chris via Amazon.
  • An Elite Squad DVD, a picture of a dragon and Bilbo Baggins, and British candy from Odysseus from UK.
  • A card with a Zubat card with USA stickers from JR.
  • a Face/Off DVD (for Pat)from Roland of Halifax.
  • A mouse-pad of Woolie's fluffy hood modeling pictures, stating ' This isn't even my final form' from James via Hong Kong.
  • NHL Hockey(Genesis), an Arizona calender, and a Conan info book from Chris of Laveen, Arizona.
  • A Hardcover Serenity comic, a Steel Panther poster, 'Rule 34' novel, booklets for Driv3r and Far Cry, the DX DVD set, Devil May Cry, Far Cry: Instincts, Driv3r, Hitman: Blood Money, Divel May Cry 2, the Chris Benoit story ina Spiderman 2 sleeve(for Pat), and a Gurren Lagann wrist band from Thomas of Lockport, New York.
  • a letter, 2 Jake wallets(for Liam and Woolie),another DVD of Face/Off(for Pat), and a running cat toy(for Matt) from Christa of British Columbia.
  • A Stone Mask from Jojo(for Pat) from Jean-Patrice of Chicago, Illinois.
  • A custom plastic figure of Pat(for Pat), homemade cookies, drawings of the others, a nice letter, and a dream catcher(for Liam) from Rebekah of Connecticut.
  • A Punisher mug, that broke while shipping(for Matt) from Chris via Amazon. This is also the first confirmed broken item to occur on the Mailbag.
  • candy and a can of L&P from Unknown of New Zealand.
  • Issue 200 of Sonic comic, Sonic '06, dried vegetable snacks, and a mini unicorn horn dildo from Eric of Lansdale, Pennsylvania.
  • A small snake ornament(for Woolie), a pop tarts alarm clock(for Pat), Kirby Air Ride(for Matt), and 5 stacks of pokemon cards and a stack of YuGiOh cards (for Liam) from Matt of Bloomington, Minnesota.

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