Friendcast Mailbag 3!

Mailbag 03
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Length 19:04
Date February 2, 2014
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“We're no longer the Zaibatsu, we're the Dai-Zaibatsu! Mailbag!” — Woolie

Friendcast Mailbag 3! is the third episode of the Friendcast Mailbag series. It is also the first Mailbag episode to be filmed in Woolie's apartment.

About Edit

♫ If you've got a thing to send the Super Best Friends, 56051 Alexis-Nihon, Montreal, Quebec, H3Z 3G3♫
— Episode description


He's uncomfortable with his baldness.
My oldest friend, James! My oldest friend...
You make one joke three years ago...
— Pat
Smart guy, Brent. But not again. Sorry.
— Woolie
— Woolie, Matt and Liam
I drank my milk when I was a kid and I didn't grow. My parents were liars.
— Pat
You don't have to keep telling us that you're sending dragon dildos. The instant we said 'Let's do a mailbag', the first thing I said was, 'You know we're gonna get dragon dildos in the mail, right?'
— Pat
Oh god, the live action movie! This is terrible! This is TERRIBLE! I'm super happy I have it now!
— Pat
I used to have this when I was a babby!
— Matt upon seeing the RoboCop comics.


  • An AvL Technologies shirt, a Gurren Lagann drill pendant, a Dai-Gurren flag, a Gurren Lagann beanie, a battery fillup mug and an Aperture Laboratories sticker - from Jason of Ashville.
  • A letter with a drawing of Fluttershy, Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire for Wii for Matt, Pizza Delivery Boy for Wii for Pat, Elebits for Wii for Liam, Beastly for Wii for Woolie, guava candy and band-aids - from James of Kansas City.
  • A letter with dragon stickers and some kind of flow chart - from Jordan.
  • A letter with awesome stamps and with game covers in it to sign, as well as $5 to pay for postage to send them back - from Brant. 
  • A long letter - from Nolan of Athens, Georgia.
  • Coupons, Wirehead for the Sega CD, The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition for GameCube, Star Wars: Rebel Strike for GameCube, Double Switch for Sega CD and Fahrenheit for Sega CD - from Sean and William of Laval.
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon on DVD for Pat, RoboCop comics for Matt, Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos for Liam and ReBoot for the PS1 for Woolie - from Mike "ZeroDude" of Hochelaga, Quebec.
  • A Monster Hunter 4 figurine, a Gothic Holiday Rei figure, a Final Fantasy Cecil figure, a Read or Die Yomiko Readman figure, an Attack on Titan set, a Blade figurine, a Naruto figure, a chibi Chun-Li figure, a Ken Masters figure, a Kid Robot Street Fighter Gen figure and a Fist of the North Star Lord Jagi figure - from Anthony of Boston.


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