Friendcast Mailbag 4

Mailbag 4
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Length 41:52
Date February 11, 2014
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“I already have a creepy baby I have to hide!” — Pat
“Well now you got twins, motherfucker!” — Woolie

Friendcast Mailbag 4 is the fourth episode of the Friendcast Mailbag series. It is also the first episode to not be filmed by Liam, and instead by Matt.

About Edit

Note about the Friendcast Mailbag: The mailbag is based on the volume of stuff coming in, so it's not a weekly series - that means these will be going up sporadically, as quickly as we're able to get them done. You might see two of them within days of each other, or sometimes they could be over a week apart, depending on many factors. Consider it a surprise!
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

I may have gotten a mannequin to fake my own death.
— Pat
It's not a dick. It's not a dick.
— Pat
Don't try to hide your disappointment, Pat.
— Woolie
Thank you, Baby Geniuses.
— Matt
You saved the podcast.
— Pat
Scorpions are the ultimate dick animal because they kill you with their asshole.
— Pat
It's been blessed by a witch doctor, then cursed by another witch doctor ten minutes later.
— Matt
If you had to lose an eyeball, if you lost it to a dragon dildo, would you even be mad?
— Woolie
V for victory!


  • Another box of British chocolates - from Nathan of Nottingham, UK.
  • A Persona picture (that Woolie ripped) and a chibi Persona Akihiko figure for Pat - from Vivian of Methuen, Massachusettes.
  • Hunter: the Reckoning: Wayward for PS2 - from Anthony of California. 
  • Doctor Who stickers, Two Best Friends Play stickers, Cowboy Bebop stickers and a letter for Liam - Christopher of Hacienda Heights, California.
  • A piece of American flag fabric - from Emily Drew and Bradley of El Dorado.
  • A Futurama Superking figure - from Seth.
  • The first Outlaw Star DVD with a note that says "It works" - from Nate of Ohio.
  • Adventure Time Fionna and Jake plushies - from Unknown of Springfield, Maryland.
  • Mario Bob-omb candy, Mario and Yoshi PEZ dispensers and a wrench - from Sam.
  • A Creature from the Black Lagoon postcard - from Megan and Ryan of Prince George, British Columbia.
  • Baby Geniuses on VHS - from Seth.
  • Redux: Dark Matters for Sega Dreamcast and an ad for Ghostblade for Sega Dreamcast - from Analog Interactive of Seattle.
  • Gundam Seed on DVD - from Gregory of Collingwood Corner.
  • A Bionic Commando Spencer figure - from Nolan.
  • Fall of the Republic on DVD for Matt and Dialectic and Gospel in the Development of Hegel's Thinking by Stephen Crites for Pat - from Daniel of Hornburg, Niedersachsen.
  • A Big Texan Brewery menu, Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness on PC and four Korean quarters in a smoked salmon box - from John Hall of Arizona.
  • Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness for the PS2, a shiny Clefairy card and another Big Texan Brewery menu - from Charlie Murphy Pendleton of Arizona.
  • Three Shonen Jump issues, a Gacha Gacha volume, several packs of Pocky, chocolates and a Naruto card - from Katherine of Ottawa.
  • An authentic baby doll for Pat - from Thomas of Melbourne, Florida.
  • Another baby doll for Pat and Dragon Quest VII for PS2 - from Jonathan of Texas.
  • Three boxes of Sprinkled Donut Crunch, Chocolate Toast Crunch and Cookie Crisp, Circus Maximus for Xbox, Robocop for Xbox, and a Mr. Sparkle card - from Joseph C.
  • Two four pound bags of cereal marshmallows - from Unknown of Stevensville.
  • A Bayonetta statue and The Eyes of Bayonetta art book and DVD; won by Woolie and Pat respectively - from James of Canoga Park.


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