Friendcast Mailbag 5!

Mailbag 5
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Length 34:47
Date February 23, 2014
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“Welcome to the mailbag, where we open boxes, and maybe a dick shoots out!” — Pat

Friendcast Mailbag 5! is the fifth episode of the Friendcast Mailbag series.

About Edit

♫ If you've got a thing to send the Super Best Friends, 56051 Alexis-Nihon, Montreal, Quebec, H3Z 3G3 ♫
— Episode description

Quotes Edit

Here's the problem. More and more weeks go by and we don't get a dick, that means that the dick that will inevitably appear will be a whopper.
You could just use your big man hands.
— Pat
They've got to be good for something!
— Matt
Thanks, asshole! I could've gotten Raph!
— Matt
Have you been watching Bible Black again?
— Liam
Not... today.
— Matt
Could you imagine if people sent us like phone book, after phone book, after phone book?
The longer these are, the harder it is for me to edit.
I've been to Oakland, Alabama one time. I saw some bad things.
— Woolie
How come our fans are better than Amazon? Amazon's a big crazy company with lots of robots. Our fans are just humans!
— Pat
Let's slap these on our dicks.
— Pat
I need a bigger sticker.
— Matt
I'm glad we moved everything over to Woolie's place so that when something inevitably blows up, it's not my house.
— Pat
You don't need your fingers. It's not like they're important to your living or anything.
— Woolie
I can play with other appendages, ladies.
— Pat
The podcast questions are a trap! They're how people do nice things for us!
— Pat
Seth, you love Woolie more than any of us.
— Pat.
Although, this magnifier seemed to belong to one Jessica Smith.
— Woolie.


  • Ruthless Aggression Chris Benoit figure - from Seth.
  • A Japanese, non-localized copy of Yakuza 5 for the PS3 and a Japanese-American dictionary - from Blake.
  • Custom-made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles amigurumi dolls - from Matthew, Kristie and Nikki of Pasadena, California.
  • A letter with drawings of Homestar Runner - from Jules.
  • A checkered sweater, Flarp noise putty, a deck of Red Dwarf playing cards, a Lucky O'Pooper candy dispenser, a spiked Goth-style bracelet, a Flaming Carrot toy, an AVP mask ring, Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials, some pins and stickers - from Goth Shaggy.
  • A Zaibatsu drawing and Sneak King for Xbox 360 - from Ryan of Alabama.
  • StarFox 2 for the Super Nintendo - from Gerald of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Futurama for the PS2 and The Cat Lady for PC - from Seth.
  • WWE Presents: The Greatest Stars of the 90s on DVD - from John of Ohio.
  • A box of Korean candy - from Chung and Ryan of Korea.
  • A synergized American and Canadian flag, Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill for PC and a Christmas card - from Amelia.
  • "Press X to Jason" stickers - from Unknown.
  • A wool beard hat, a GamePro Ultra 64 issue, a Gurren Lagann hoodie; won by Woolie, and a bottle of catnip mist - from the Supposites of Columbus, Ohio.
  • A letter, Dead Space: Catalyst, a SuperHunk CD, Adventure Time Season 2 on Blu-ray and several issues of EGM magazine - from Eric of Willmar, Minnesota.
  • The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury, It's Beginning to Look a Lot like ZombiesI am a Pole (And so can You!) by Stephen Colbert and a bag full of makeup - from Kelly of Bunker Hill.
  • Shit Stolen From You When You Were Young; for Matt, a Shark Face G.I. Joe toy, for Woolie; an atomic purple Game Boy Color with a magnifier, a rumble pak, a charger, a battery and Super Mario Deluxe, for Liam; LEGOs and K-On blankets, for Pat; a Persona 4 Jiraiya figure - from Unknown (previously believed to be Seth).


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