Friendcast Mailbag 008

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Length 52:24
Date March 9th, 2014
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“It's not from Chris G. This box isn't in collusion.” — Pat

Friendcast Mailbag 8-A! is the first part of the eighth episode of the Friendcast Mailbag series.

About Edit

The mailbag is over! Thanks to anyone who sent anything! We are still accepting envelopes, letters, fanart, and disc-based games! Thanks so much!
— Episode description

Quotes Edit

Woolie, who sent me this thing? Or us, rather.
— Pat
Drake uhh...
— Woolie
I hope it's not his fucking music.
— Matt
When I die, I hope you put me on the cover of YouTube.
— Pat
I'm gonna leave the pants shitting till the end of the mailbag.
— Pat
Now we are the Shadow Team.
— Woolie
"Willy Wonka meets the Matrix", which sounds fucking awesome.
— Matt
Oh, I thought this was that racist Zebra one.
— Matt, opening a My Little Pony box
From a place where Resident Evil will soon happen.
— Woolie
It's not from Chris G. This box isn't in collusion.
— Pat
I would eat a product called "'Merica Jacks".
— Pat
One of these better be a dragon dildo! I don't care!
— Woolie
As soon as we get a dragon dildo, that's when I'll whip you into shape.
— Liam
Yeah, that's when I'll lose the weight.
— Pat
RWBY is physically making you ill?
— Pat
All these Jimmys are getting super rustled.
— Matt
I'm more likely to play Sneak King on the channel than Call of Duty.
— Pat
We don't know who any of these packages are from.
— Wooie
This is the anonymous mailbag.
— Pat
Is this for kids or for high adults?
— Pat


  • The First three volumes of Le Chevalier D'Eon and a shiny Gyrados card - from Drake of
  • A Sonic Christmas Blast DVD, Allen's Killer Python candy, a Shadow the Hedgehog plushie for Liam, Vegemite, and a sealed copy of Windows ME - from Unknown of Australia
  • A copy of Ready Player One - from Unknown; contributed to Wittle Jimmy by Pat
  • Smurfs Racing for PS1, Donkey Kong Country: Raiders of the Lost Banana, a Black Funko Blind Box Spitfire, and a smiley pencil sharpener - from Ephram of North Carolina
  • A picture of the sender, a "Big Chap" Alien figure, and a bag of "Tyrkisk Peber - from John of Finland
  • A huge letter, a picture of Tom Hulett, Ultimate Fighter Championship for the Dreamcast, Gamboy Dragon Warrior mini-poster, solo albums by the sender - from Connor
  • Modified boxes and bags of cereal from Chris, Angela, and Robert of New York
  • A letter of caution and "Minority Reports: Everybody Runs" for PS2 - from Cole of McMinnville, Tennessee
  • A Bowser X Terminator 2 shirt - from Unkown
  • A RWBY DVD - from Unknown
  • A brand new copy of Resident Evil Caliban Cove - from Unknown
  • A bloody hand bath towel - from Unknown
  • A shirt that says "I left my attack boots in China" - from Unknown
  • A copy of Sneak King - from Mario Chavez
  • A Marvel vs Capcom 3 shirt for Matt, Majikoi - Oh! Samurai Girls on Blu-ray for Woolie, Breakdown on the Xbox for anyone who wants it, and two volumes of Gantzfor Pat- from Valdren of New Jersey
  • Volumes one and two of the Ace Attorney Official Casebook, Superman for the N64, a Nintendo USB Wifi connector and Mega Man Zero 3 strategy guide- from Aaron of Ternton, Ontario
  • Secret Service for PS2 - from Unknown
  • A Metal Gear Solid 4 Solid Eye- from Christian in Hong Kong
  • A Colossus figure - from Unknown
  • A Shadow the Hedgehog plushie for Matt- from Kevin
  • Gundam: Battle Assault 2 and Einhander for PS1, and a Dreamcast Gameshark for James Small - from Luke of Waterloo, Iowa
  • A package of Glico Curry - from Brandon of Edmonton
  • WWE Raw for the PC - from Kyle
  • The Wombles - Tobermory On Television DVD - from Buster Cameron of England
  • Gamera trilogy Blu-ray and Killer Instinct Gold on N64 for Matt, Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2005 Adventures on PS2 and a Zoids DVD for Liam, Tekken 3 on PS1 and Run Like Hell on PS2 for Pat, and Bionic Commando on NES and 360 and a Street Sharks DVD for Woolie - from Brock of Medford, Wisconsin


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