Front Mission 3

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Game Front Mission 3
Length 1:25:59
Upload Date Mar 19, 2015
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Next Mobile Suit Gundam - Extreme Vs. Full Boost
“He's standing in front of me, so I'm going to fear fist his ass.” — Woolie

Front Mission 3 is the fifth episode of Mechaweek. In this episode, Pat and Woolie play the longest, most insanely in-depth mecha RPG ever mad as they put their boots on the ground, sploosh over PS1 cutscenes and develop a sister complex.

About Edit

MISSION_005: Before_Squeenix

Primary Objective: Pick a side in this senseless ongoing war.

Secondary Objective: Don't have your mech spill spaghetti everywhere while talking to Emma.


— Video description

Quotes Edit

He's standing in front of me, so I'm going to fear fist his ass.
— Woolie
2d portraits man.
— Woolie
Just flapping mouths.
— Pat
You're on the fuckin' new space internet.
— Woolie
“'If only I had a sister like her.' What? You'd fuck her?
— Pat
Doing some weird, creepy Japanese jokes.
— Woolie
Haha! I shoved my whole arm up your ass!
— Pat
— Woolie
April Fools!
— Pat
Haha... haha... please stop touching my kidney.
— Pat
We're moving on from this location and from the topic of stomach deformation.
— Woolie
I can't wait to not be doing this video to play it!
— Woolie
Stop mamoru'ing!
— Pat
This game is so fuckin' good!
— Woolie

Trivia Edit

  • The music used in the intro is the theme song for Super Dimension Fortress Macross.

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