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Furi Title
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Game Lumo
Length 27:57
Controller Liam
Upload Date Jul 20, 2016
“Katamari is an emotion.” — Woolie

Furi is a one-off episode that features Woolie and Liam fighting for their freedom in a well made, good looking game that they can't stop comparing to the endless shit heaps that are Afro Samurai and Asura's Wrath.

About Edit

— Facebook description

Quotes Edit

So, Afro Samurai, the greatest art book and not piece of media known to man.
— Liam
Look, Ravio, are you gonna be a traitor?
— Woolie
Part B is story tell and walk. It's like Netflix and chill except nowhere near as good.
— Liam
Depends on what the story is.
— Woolie
It's gotta be a hell of a story to be better than Netflix and chill. I'm just saying.
— Liam
Have you seen the latest Netflix updates?
— Woolie
They're amazing. I always watch the road before I chill.
— Liam
We should have Emotion Week and play Hatred and Furi.
— Liam
Katamari is an emotion.
— Woolie


  • The title card was made by Gulthrax87.
  • Matt was originally going to be in this video but dropped out for an unknown reason. This can be seen through the original title card art having him in it.
  • The song used during the intro is "Make This Right" by The Toxic Avenger from Furi.


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