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Gal Gun: Double Peace

Gal Gun 2 Title
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Game Gal Gun: Double Peace
Upload Date Aug 21, 2016
Controller Liam
Previous Dead or Alive Xtreme 3
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“I can't believe this is my life, making these videos! I'm sorry mom and dad!” — Matt

Gal Gun: Double Peace is the seventh episode of the Creepy Anime Bullshit series. In this episode, Matt and Liam decide to take action and fix Japan's population problems with the help of one perverted student and his "Love Gun".


Is there a companion series to this game named Guy Pistol, where you're girls squirting shit out on dudes?
— Matt
No, but that might be a good business endeavor.
— Liam
Oh god, there's a demon on the loose too, that's shooting anti-sex juice.
— Matt
Their weak spot is smacking their pumpkin spice lattes out of their hands.
— Matt
Yeah, girls are intrigued by people that have eyeless, featureless faces.
— Matt
I can't believe this is my life, making these videos! I'm sorry mom and dad!
— Matt
Boys don't do love like that. They say, 'Icky pooey.' and they end it.
— Liam

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