Friday Night Fisticuffs

Galaxy Fight / Waku Waku 7

Galaxy Waku FNF
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Game Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors, Waku Waku 7
Upload Date Oct 24, 2014
Length 56:19
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Next Terrordrome / Darkstalkers
“Chris Tucker does a Michael Jackson impression.” — Woolie
“Well it's really easy to do one now. You just pretend to be a skeleton.” — Pat

Galaxy Fight / Waku Waku 7 is the twenty-ninth episode of Friday Night Fisticuffs series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam play two-thirds of Sunsoft's fighting game catalog as they explore the massive stages, add galactic to everything, fight with the most confusing super system ever, and research the mysteries of G. Done. The second half of the episode shows Liam discovering his true fighting game talent, herald "The Durstening", and talk about skeletons for ten minutes.

About Edit

Robots are awesome. Let us show you why.
— Website description


Sunsoft. I don't think they ever made a fighting game before this, I can't think of it.
— Matt
Yeah, they had that, ah... acra...
— Pat
Aero the Acrobat.
— Woolie
That's the most anime thing I've seen since anime!
— Matt
He's like a hipster sand person from Star Wars.
— Pat, about G. Done
An unsophisticated race, it seems.
— Woolie, about Gunter's english
Well that's rude. Maybe it's just his second language, christ! Did you ever think of that?
— Liam
You're so right. I'm such an asshole!
— Woolie
Ten inch galactic cock.
— Pat
We're all piled on the bed, in a big cuddle puddle.
— Matt
Kicking our legs, chewing bubble gum, twirling our hair.
— Pat
I bet you if I Google G. Done's moves, I'll come up with nothing.
— Pat
Oh my god, what is she from? She looks like she's from an anime.
— Matt
My dreams?
— Pat
You're better at Woolie than Woolie?
— Woolie
You're just Ryu as a piece of chalk.
— Pat
Just laugh at me as I get caught in bear traps.
— Pat
Remember, Woolie threw down the gauntlet when I think I said either week or month, and Woolie said "Fuck it. Year."
— Matt, about a Fred Durst marathon
It's like he's Ash wearing Misty's clothes.
— Matt
— Pat
Pat says with lust in his voice.
— Matt
Chris Tucker does a Michael Jackson impression.
— Woolie
Well it's really easy to do one now. You just pretend to be a skeleton.
— Pat
They should re-make "Thriller" with Michael Jackson's skeleton. Just put it on strings.
— Pat
And have Vincent Price's dead voice?
— Woolie
And have what's his face's skeleton animate it. Ahh... Jim Henson. The world's largest skeleton based production.
— Liam
Jim Henson's skeleton, we're still waiting for Dark Crystal 2 you fucking thin piece of shit.
— Matt

Wins/Losses Edit

Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors

Matt 0/2
Pat 5/2
Woolie 5/1
Liam 0/5

Waku Waku 7

Matt 1/4
Pat 0/4
Woolie 5/2
Liam 5/1

Letter Time Edit

There was no Letter Time this week.

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