Two Best Friends Play:

Game of Thrones

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Game Game of Thrones
Season 5
Episode 4
Length 21:29
Upload Date Jul 29, 2012
Controller Matt
Previous Max Payne 3
Next Batman Dark Tomorrow

For the full Let's Play of the Telltale Games series, see Game of Thrones (Telltale Games)

“I heard this game was fucking shit.” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Game of Thrones is a Machinima episode in which Matt, Pat and Woolie play a downright awful game based off a really great series. Plague of Gripes made a cartoon short of this episode, which can be viewed here.


— Website description

Intro Edit

The intro cartoon depicts Matt scaling the walls of a medieval castle until he reaches a window, of which he looks in to see his friend Pat smooching up a hot dame. The sight of Pat scoring causes Matt to scream and go into shock, at which point Pat notices him and kicks him far off into the distance. Afterwards the three Best Friends sing the Anamanaguichi rendition of the "Game of Thrones" theme song at the title screen.

Lyrics Edit

The Super Best Friends (Matt, Pat, and Woolie)

lyrics to the GoT theme

Thrones, Yeah!

Game of Thrones, Yeah!

Game of Thrones! 

Game of fucking Thrones! (3x)

Thrones, Yeah!

Game of fucking Thrones! (4x)


Ours is the fury, Baratheon, and look at our poor textures!
— Matt
Remember in the books when they were going by The Wall and they were like,"Man, this wall has tons of slowdown!"?
— Pat
"We will use these catapults bring Westeros, drag it into the twenty-first century!"
— Matt
I'm a White Walker and you taunt me all the time, you piece of shit!
— Pat (to Woolie)
When Jon Snow's not on-screen, everybody should be asking,"Where's Jon Snow?"
— Woolie, followed by Matt and Pat
Jon Snow and Sam are just furiously making out in there.
— Pat
"Listen to me! Characters from the show and book will not be arriving anytime soon!"
— Matt
"I will show you the dance of the people of The Wall!"
— Pat
Woolie's over here talking about his weird goat and dog fetish and how he might want to switch over from one to the other.
— Pat
"One's kinda boring now..."
— Matt
God does not want Game of Thrones played.
— Woolie
I have to use my Game of Thrones bloodline technique!
— Matt
It looks like a Street Shark! Look at that Street Shark!
— Matt (referring to the dog)
Stop talking about Street Sharks!
— Pat


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