This is an extended page of the Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Ah Westeros! Such a beautiful place, so many lands to traverse, so many eventful nights to choose from. I wonder where we’ll be starting today!
— Part one
Sure. let’s try reasoning with the guys who are 2 steps away from taking out Yellow Pages ads to tell everyone about how murderous they are.
— Part two
— Part three
This storming game of crow-feasting throne kings is clashing pretty hard you guys.
— Part four
Westeros pro-tip: If you’ve been an honest person and it’s already gotten you killed once, try upping your lie-cheat-steal game when you come back to life.
— Part five
Westeros Pro-tip: Never tell a truth-lie. ALWAYS tell a lie-truth.
— Part six
Who’s ready midborns, dirtboys and terrible vision cones?
— Part seven
Fast forward two minutes and thirty eight seconds into Sum 41’s Makes No Difference music video if you want to catch up.
— Part eight
Hey! We’re back to Westeros, we’re back to chillin’ with the Dinkles, AND THERE’S NARY A GLASS BOTTLE TO BE FOUND. FUCKING SICK.
— Part nine
Today on Game of Thrones, every moral choice you make is wrong! Yes, even THAT one!
— Part ten
Dirtface Tom needs his own Filthy Gaiden.
— Part eleven
“Death by sword was a sweet kiss, but fire would fuck you hard.” Everyone in Westeros just updated their facebook status.
— Part twelve
The misadventures of Honest Liar Tuttle and Dirtface Tom continue!
— Part thirteen
Whenever Beskha’s not on screen, everyone should be asking, “Where’s Beskha?”
— Part fourteen
White Walkers incoming! In 3, 2, 1…oh.
— Part fifteen
Men of the wall are KNOWN to consort with beasts. But little is known about the Men of Mereen and their intimate familiarity with only the finest of barrels.
— part sixteen
Did you come here to see men get flayed? Of course you did! Get in here!
— Part seventeen
...Did that dog just saunter by with a severed hand in it's mouth? That's metal as FUCK, let's follow it!
— Part eighteen
You know that feel when that guy you don't like is around and you're looking for a reason to give him shit, but then he does something that allows you to justifiably murder him instead? Shit is satisfying.
— Part nineteen
Anyone remember who's still alive? We don't.
— Part twenty
Shit Eating Simulator 2015.
— Part twenty-one
Finally, Lady Mira gets the dirty face of her deepest desires.
— Part twenty-two
Well there it goes. Here's hoping for Beksha Gaiden, and more Tuttle "Heart Eater" Yagami in the future!
— Part twenty-three Final

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