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Microsoft Gamescom 2015!

Gamescom Microsoft 2015
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Episodes 1
Combined Length 1:30:43
Original Run Aug 4, 2015
“I bet you if Hitler actually designed a console, it would be fucking crazy.” — Matt

Super Best Friends Watch Microsoft Gamescom 2015! is a Super Best Friends Watch special in which Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam watch and react to the announcements given during the Microsoft press conference at Gamescom 2015.


Microsoft showed Europe some soccer videogames man I don’t know it was early as fuck in the morning when we recorded this.
— Website decription


All we know is Woolie hates Platinum 'cause he's not here.
— Matt
I bet you if Hitler actually designed a console, it would be fucking crazy.
— Matt
It'd be fucking super good.
— Pat
It runs on necromancy.
— Matt
It requires a blood sample to play.
— Pat
We were talking about how we were hoping you would miss Scalebound because of how much you hate Platinum.
— Pat to Woolie
All these dorky nerds from the Europe pointing and laughing at Jay Z is hilarious to me.
— Matt
Let's just have a sit down with Pelé. Talk about how it's hard for him to shit nowadays.
— Matt
And they would sit and listen intently, taking notes.
— Woolie
If I wanted to play a Halo game that thought it was Call of Duty, I'd play Destiny, and I don't wanna play that.
— Pat
Where's the fucking twelve year old calling me a racist thing while his baby cries in the background?
— Pat
And his rap music just keeps going.
— Liam
Or his fan is too close to his face.
— Pat
All of the above.
— Liam
Xbox sports. Exports.
— Woolie


  • Woolie arrives late to the recording, possibly due to his dislike of Platinum Games, as stated by Matt.
  • Unlike the previous Gamescom special, the Zaibatsu only made a video for the Microsoft conference.

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