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Ghost Squad Title
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Game Ghost Squad
Length 38:00
Controller Liam
Upload Date May 11, 2014
“Liam is a terrorist, confirmed!” — Matt

Best Friends Play Ghost Squad is a one-off episode in which Matt and Liam try to teach kids about the lost genre of "Light Gun" games, use Predator vision, save the president from Nobunaga's ambition, shoot down exploding bananas, and battle bright pink helicopters.

About Edit

The Ghostest with the mostest!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

A lot of kids don't even know what light gun games are.
— Liam
Oh, it shoots light? That's sick. Is that like a hover-board?
— Matt
When I think of Liam, I think he's tough and fast, and he's designed to put quarters into.
— Matt
Liam is a terrorist, confirmed!
— Matt
I'm gonna defeat this guy with my bullets in his butt hole.
— Matt
People hiding inside couches.
— Liam
If you save those girls, they'll take you out to a nice spaghetti dinner.
— Matt
I didn't think Indigo Wolves would be comprised of women in bikinis.
— Matt
You'd be surprised, but that's ninety percent of terrorist cells.
— Liam

Gallery Edit

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