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God Supports Straight Shota

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Length 02:36:07
Date December 8, 2014
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“He signed up for it and somebody thought it was okay, time for me to murder this child.” — Pat

God Supports Straight Shota is the seventieth episode of the Super Best Friendcast. In this special episode, the Zaibatsu blitz through all forty-six items of this weeks news with only (a lenient) two minutes per segment.

About Edit

Welcome to the Blitzcast. Too much news. Not enough time. NO WAY OUT.
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

God supports straight shota.
— Woolie
We have forty-six articles of news...
— Woolie
And we're gonna waste half the podcast on one of them.
— Pat
I got the bits from you and threw them on the pile.
— Woolie
Hey Dad, can I have a bunch of girls over and have a bunch of sex? 'No!'
— Pat
Not until your birthday.
— Matt
I've got a KI box, I've got a Bayo box, and now I've got a five box.
— Woolie
In the same way our screwed up, shitty voices in The Fall lent itself to the ambiance.
— Woolie
I send Sony the photo and they're like, 'We can rebuild the database.'
— Pat
But we're already living in it.
— Matt
I fully expect the saves in the cloud and on the USB to be irrevocably corrupted for no reason.
— Pat, on The Evil Within saves
I don't know how many people are buried under the floorboards, I'm assuming all of them.
— Matt
What does that mean in the context? 'Cause it sounds like taking his dick out at the table.
— Pat
Four hours, asterisk, if you're not an idiot.
— Woolie
Benoit's a murderer we accidentally made a huge memorial to.
— Pat
That was everything David Cage wants his games to be.
— Woolie
You mean fun?
— Liam
He's Japanese Phil Fish but he's nice instead of mean and builds playgrounds instead of shitting into his own beard.
— Pat
Don't wear a mental suit to this podcast.
— Pat
I'm going to shill this game like no one has ever shilled anything before.
— Pat
Marty, we have to shoot 1985.
— Matt
It'd be like a next gen Oreo. Delicious.
— Pat
You don't tell me where I can have sex, Matt.
— Pat
I don't, thank god.
— Matt
I could lie on a bed of sideways Wii U disks.
— Liam
What are you gonna do? Talk mad shit to your drug dealer?
— Pat
We all have no reservations about the homoerotic nature of our art or in our lives.
— Liam
He signed up for it and somebody thought it was okay, time for me to murder this child.
— Pat

Letter Time Edit

Q: Did you know about custom Amiibo figures? from Giovanni

  • Yes.

Q: Have you ever really felt a Wii U disc? from Bill

  • Yes, they feel great and well crafted.

Q: What's your favorite dinosaur? from Silus

  • Matt: T-Rex
  • Pat: Triceratops
  • Woolie: Pterodactyl
  • Liam: the feathered ones

Q: What are your least favorite traps in games? from Gary

Q: What's your favorite idle amination? from Michael

Q: What's your favorite beer? from Tyler

  • Matt: Mad Jack's
  • Pat: Mad Jack's
  • Woolie: Chavela, Guiness
  • Liam: I don't like beer

Q: What's a remake you should avoid playing if the original had a good experience? from BJ

  • Pat: HD collection Silent Hill
  • Woolie: Metroid: Zero Mission
  • Liam: Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes

Q: Woolie, what's your favorite Vagabond character and chapter? from Jason

  • Takuan Sōhō; where he uses both swords at the same time to fight the chain and sickle guy

Q: Am I a horrible person for bodying a twelve year old in an Ultra tournament? from Yip

  • No, he deserved it

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Far Cry 4 and Temple Of Osiris.
  • Woolie: Booting up his new PS4 and Karate Master 2: Knock Down Blow (if the code works).
  • Liam: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Temple Of Osiris.
  • Pat: Sending his PS4 off for repairs.

Trivia Edit