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Length 32:12
Date Jul 31, 2016
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“But this serves my purposes well, which is to, y'know, masturbate to kaiju figures.” — Matt

Matt's Toy Box - Godzilla! is a video featuring Matt looking through his massive library of Godzilla merchandise.

About Edit

Mini-Godzilla weekend draws to a close! Let's cap it off with a look at my many, many, many Godzilla/kaiju figures. If you didn't think I was a big enough nerd before, you will now!
— Matt

Quotes Edit

Little cuties, mid-card guys, and big, dick OGs.
— Matt
I like this sassy swirl on his tail though. You know he likes to party.
— Matt
He always appears wet in my mind's eye.
— Matt about Heisei Godzilla
We're reaching the ten inchers.. hehe... anyway.
— Matt
Unlike that other shitty knock-off, they go all they way, they deepthroat this Godzilla.
— Matt
But this serves my purposes well, which is to, y'know, masturbate to kaiju figures.
— Matt
Thank you Godzilla. You're the friend to all children and you got me through elementary school and high school.
— Matt
And college and you're wedding.
— Leana (Matt's Wife)
And college and my wedding.
— Matt



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