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Godzooky VS Megalon

Godzilla VS Megalon
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Game Godzilla VS Megalon
Length 1:21:46
Upload Date Jul 30, 2016
“Baby rider!” — Matt

Best Friends Watch Godzooky VS Megalon is a one-off Super Best Friends Watch episode in which Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam fight off the invading Sea People with Earth's mightiest hero, Baby Rider!


The Seatopians are fucking pissed, so they send out the dreadful duo of Gigan and Megalon to take care of those earth dwelling scum! But what’s this? Godzilla is on the scene? Well that’s prett– WHO THE FUCK CARES! JET JAGUAR IS HERE!
— Website description

Quotes Edit

You know Toho. It's all the little girls and the shmups.
— Woolie
If you can write your own version of Quantum of Solace in Canada, it's totally legal.
— Woolie
Is this car rated Cero-12?
— Woolie
When was this dubbed?
— Woolie
— Matt
Baby Rider!
— Matt
The Megalodon is good, the penis is bad.
— Pat
If Baby Rider shot out of that cave, I'd fucking start jerking off.
— Matt
Well, get ready.
— Liam
Mister, give us a ride or we'll shoot you to death.
— Matt
Those look like my mom's heating lamps.
— Woolie
They are. Your mom used to be part of the JDF in the seventies.
— Pat


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