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Goldeneye 007 (2010)

Goldeneye 2010 Title
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Game Goldeneye 007
Length 21:11
Date Apr 18, 2015
Previous Quantum of Solace
Next 007 Bloodstone
“And Baron Samedi loves the multiplayer. He gives it his voodoo seal of approval.” — Matt

Goldeneye 007 (2010) is the eleventh video in the Matt's Sexy Bond-A-Thon series. In this video, Matt plays through a re-make of the most popular James Bond game as he visits all the iconic locations of the original, goes clubbing with shadow people, cruises around in the Shagohod, and meets his doppelganger.


The plot of Goldeneye has Daniel Craig stepping into a time machine to kill Pierce Brosnan and take his place as 007, I'm pretty sure!
— Website description


Hey, what's the problem? Hey, eh you know are chicks don't shave their arms. Geez.
— Matt as a Russian
You wanna take a picture of this black ops helicopter that can withstand an EMP pulse 'cause these will make M splooge in her granny panties.
— Matt
Oh, that's my gun. I need that, it's my dick, kinda.
— Matt
And Baron Samedi loves the multiplayer. He gives it his voodoo seal of approval.
— Matt
Look at this asshole, he's just alone. He looks like Woolie at the club.
— Matt


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