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Goldeneye Rogue Agent

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Game Goldeneye: Rogue Agent
Length 11:36
Date Mar 26, 2015
Previous 007 Everything or Nothing
Next 007 From Russia With Love
“I never got to fucking clothesline a guy off a motorbike?!” — Matt

Goldeneye Rogue Agent is the eighth video in the Matt's Sexy Bond-A-Thon series. In this video, Matt talks about how he feels the game to be a disappointment, with unsatisfying combat and battles many men with shaved heads.


The sinister villain known only as "Paul M" decided he could trick millions of people by simply taking the name of a popular product, and slapping it on the cover of a forgettable piece of mediocrity in the hopes of raking in undeserved profit! Can James Bond save us?
— Website description


We're playing Goldeneye: Rogue fucking Agent. This was a dark, dark day if you were a James Bond fan.
— Matt
I'm a rogue agent. Did you see how rogue that shit was? M was just like, sploosh.
— Matt
There it is. Now I can see the guy's legs! Pretty nice legs you have there, guy.
— Matt
I never got to fucking clothesline a guy off a motorbike?!
— Matt
This is a huge misfire that, I can only pray, got a few people fired.
— Matt


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