SBFC 151

Gotta Go Fath / Freak Frag Fry

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Length 01:57:42
Date Jun 25, 2016
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“Need to shit your pants in a hurry? Bob Evans will make you scurry.” — Liam

Gotta Go Fath / Freak Frag Fry is the one-hundred and fifty-first episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

[unpleasant noises]
— Website description


Need to shit your pants in a hurry? Bob Evans will make you scurry. Alternately, will fill your pants with slurry. Alternately, don't go to Bob Evans cause that place made me shit all over the target.
— Liam
Cheeburger, however, was a lot more concentrated with making shit come out of your ass.
— Woolie
I'm using extreme, wild examples to make my point because I always do that.
— Pat
You know what else is a really good, new mechanic?
— Woolie
Jimmy down at the Jiffy Lube?
— Pat
Samurai Jack is coming back and Samurai Jack is gonna be rated TV-MA because there's gonna be dark tones and violence...
— Woolie
And opinionated alt chicks.
— Liam
That's what Brexit was about, right?
— Woolie
Yeah. It's about pig fucking.
— Pat
I think Pat's line there was good. 'It doesn't have to be consistent. Just fuck it.'. Use that for the podcast title.
— Liam

Letter Time Edit

Q: Something about Finger Family videos? from Fire Devil Black

  • Yes, we know about them. If you would like to know more, go watch Critikal's video about them.

Q: Do you listen to music that's not from the game while playing it or just grinding? from Crissy

  • Pat: No, never.
  • Woolie: No, we always listen to the game music.
  • Liam: Only in Excite Truck and Wipeout HD.

Q: Should Kojima be reigned in or should he have....? from In Game General

  • Pat: Let his freak frag fry.
  • Liam: It's hard to say if he's just surrounded by yes men or not until he fucks up, which he has yet to do.

Q: How do you get better e-mail? from Liam

  • Liam: You don't.

Q: What video game is left the least interesting and devoid of reward after the story is done? from Scodovisk

  • Pat: God of War 3.
  • Liam: All the Sly Cooper games and most open world games.

Q: Who would be in Fishing All-Stars? from Alec

  • Jefery McWIld is the main character, Ridiculous Fishing Man is the Akuma boss, Big the Cat, Yui Narukami, Kazuma Kiryu, the Monster Hunter, and Red from Pokemon.

Q:How was your prom? from Michael

  • Matt: "Lachine High, are you ready?".
  • Pat: Terrible.
  • Woolie: Me and my old friend David coordinated and went together.
  • Liam: I went to graduation and did not go to prom.

Q:What games don't apply to the 'Let Platinum do it.' rule? from Tom

  • Pat: Strategy games.
  • Woolie: Rhythm games.
  • Liam: I want to see them do it all but I'll pick sport games.

Q:Have you ever played a game that was playable, but just unfair? from Paul

  • Pat: I owned a Genesis, man.
  • Liam: Final Fight has bad hit detection.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Pat: Ending this podcast.
  • Woolie: Ending this podcast.
  • Liam: Ending this podcast.

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