SBFC 130

Grand Unified Theory

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Length 02:44:59
Date Feb 2, 2016
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“My hydro canon's so strong, it blows up your Charizard and your bra.” — Woolie

Grand Unified Theory is the one-hundred and thirtieth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

This week on the Friendcast: Woolie summons Paul Mooney, Matt visits Phendrana Drifts, Pat takes a hit of crack and Liam bears Witness.
— Website description


No online multiplayer? I'm out of here.
— Pat about The Witness
If you put on the snowboard and don't do a 1080 then why even bother?
— Woolie
My hydro canon's so strong, it blows up your Charizard and your bra.
— Woolie
We're Sonic and they're Bubsy.
— Liam about Ustabiaz

Letter Time Edit

Q: You guys keep refering to 'Shonen' anime. For those of us that aren't weebs, what does that mean? from Chatterbox

  • Action manga aimed at young boys

Q: Has 60 FPS always been the dream for video games or is it only required now that it can be done? from Dr. Bathroom

  • Pat: 60 FPS has been around forever and has never been a standard.
  • Woolie: It's only mandatory recently.
  • Liam: 60 FPS has been around for a while.

Q: What's your favorite sentai transformation? from Jimmy

  • Matt: Sailor Mars and Green Ranger
  • Pat: Billy from the Power Rangers
  • Woolie: Karas and White Dino Thunder Ranger
  • Liam: Viewtiful Joe

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Skipped over in favor of expanding the grand unified theory.

Trivia Edit