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Grave Title
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Game Grave
Length 21:51
Controller Pat
Upload Date Apr 24, 2014
“He's tea-bagging me through space and time!” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play Grave (Indie horror game) is a one-off episode in which Matt and Pat play a Kickstarter horror game demo in which they zoom their eyeballs, traverse impossible space, visit Plague's house, light stuff on fire, and get tea-bagged by monsters.


This will be GRAVELY entertaining! Ahahahha...hah..a...haa...
— Facbook post

Quotes Edit

Am I grabbing puzzles and inventories?
— Pat
It was the one where that monster was chasing us around, and you were talking about throwing your cell phone in the toilet.
— Matt
This cavern is Stephanie McMahon sized.
— Matt
Man I have a feeling, like something's just gonna crawl up my ass. Is that this game? Ass crawling?
— Pat
Yeah, got some Alan Wake flashlight Energizer product placement up in this bitch!
— Matt
The only thing I can say is, you have gasoline and a match.
— Matt
Maybe I should light myself on fire.
— Pat
He's tea-bagging me through space and time!
— Pat

Trivia Edit

  • This was the first video of a PC game to be recorded on Matt's laptop, instead of Pat's computer.


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