Best Friends Play

Gravity Rush 2 (Demo)

Gravity Rush 2 Demo
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Game Gravity Rush 2 demo
Length 16:26
Controller Woolie
Upload Date Jan 3, 2017
“We did take a look at the first game.” — Woolie
“Yeah, but people ignore our videos.” — Pat

Best Friends Play - Gravity Rush 2 (Demo) is a one-off episode in which Pat and Woolie get everyone hyped for the upcoming sequel to the game all their viewers ignored.

About Edit

Short and sweet, but it sure is good to see Kat and Raven again.
— Video description

Quotes Edit

We did take a look at the first game.
— Woolie
Yeah, but people ignore our videos.
— Pat
For you JoJo fans out there, Kat is the opposite of C-Moon.
— Woolie
Going through the ground like that is not fantastic.
— Woolie
In a world where P5 looms on the horizion... cause everyone's about to get their assholes blown out but these guys were like, 'No, we're gonna hold ours in.'.
— Woolie

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