The Amazing Superfriends!

Batman & Robin

Superfriends Green Lantern
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Game Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters
Length 32:41
Controller Matt and Pat
Previous Batman & Robin
Next X-Men CotA / Marvel Super Heroes
“He's dumber than a bag of dog boners. Batman said that. That's a quote.” — Pat

Green Lantern: ROTM is the tenth episode in the Best Friends' The Amazing Superfriends! special.


We control Deadpool who for some reason, has a Lantern Ring!
— Video Description

Description Edit

Matt and Pat step in the shoes of their all-time favorite superhero as they discover the game has co-op, make boring stuff with their rings, steal kills, take it to the limit, and have their souls ripped from their bodies.

Intro Edit

The intro cartoon is the same one that was used for the Batman & Robin episode.

Quotes Edit

Oh, now I gotta play. Fuck, I didn't know about this.
— Matt, about co-op
The only thing I know about Green Lantern is that he sucks.
— Pat
You are not in our great society of galaxy cops with a name like Sinestro. You might as well hire Evilak!
— Matt
She's pummeling his nuts like it was a god damn boxing bag... and he's just going 'War!' the whole time.
— Pat
He's dumber than a bag of dog boners. Batman said that. That's a quote.
— Pat
Remember when Wolverine fought Batman, but they did it with magician stuff?
— Matt
Good thing it exploded like a tiny baby.
— Pat
As tiny babies are known to do.
— Matt
What's the difference between him and the Manhunters?
— Pat
You could not pay me enough to know.
— Matt
Green Lantern thinks Decapre is a bad addition.
— Pat

Trivia Edit

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