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Ground Zeroes: Deja Vu

Deja Vu Title
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Game Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes: Deja Vu
Length 41:14
Controller Woolie
Upload Date Aug 10, 2014
“Love letter to the fans, man.” — Woolie

Best Friends Play Ground Zeroes: Deja Vu is a Ground Zeroes spin-off in which Woolie and Liam finish off their DLC excursion by re-creating crucial moments of the first Metal Gear Solid, and get super nostalgic, get infected with FOXDIE, look for Easter eggs, and test their knowledge of Metal Gear Solid 1.


Tactical Espionage Fanwankery continues with Woolie and Liam!
— Website description

Quotes Edit

Love letter to the fans, man.
— Woolie
No, no. Don't lie down!
— Liam
Is this game legit?
— Woolie
No, Touch is not legit.
— Liam
I'm I gonna have to have another jeep battle with Liquid or some shit?
— Woolie

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