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Ground Zeroes: Jamais Vu

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Game Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes: Jamais Vu
Length 30:34
Controller Liam
Upload Date Aug 9, 2014
“Oh no! I cool guy'd too much!” — Liam

Best Friends Play Ground Zeroes: Jamais Vu is a Ground Zeroes spin-off in which Woolie and Liam pick up where Matt and Pat left off as they journey into a "Psuedo-Historical Recreation" of the Ground Zeroes universe to fight off evil body snatching aliens as a cyborg from another world. This is the first DLC they played of the game, the second being Ground Zeroes: Deja Vu.


Woolie and Liam reap the rewards of collecting the XOF badges! Everybody's cyborg dick got hard!
— Website description

Quotes Edit

X year, X day. This takes place immediately after Mega Man 2.
— Liam
Gotta be stealth... kinda.
— Liam
This entire base is just fucking Noby Noby Boy.
— Woolie
You scared snatcher? Maybe you shouldn't have stolen a body then, bitch.
— Woolie
The last thing he feels is disbelief.
— Woolie
Oh no! I cool guy'd too much!
— Liam
You know it's a threat when their arms are cocked.
— Liam
I didn't fuck up nothing, shut up.
— Woolie

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