Best Friends Zaibatsu

Halloween Murder Mystery Spooktacular!

Murder Mystery
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Length 12:06
Upload Date Nov 6, 2014
“Do you guys know who killed Liam?” — Matt
“Who's Liam?” — Party Goer #1
“That cute young guy?” — Party Goer #2

Best Friends Zaibatsu Halloween Murder Mystery Spooktacular! is a Halloween special in which Matthulhu, King Cobra, John Cena, and Pat have their awesome Halloween party ruined when a mysterious assailant kills Liam, which doesn't defer them from eating cupcakes, playing Bayonetta 2, or showing off Matt's old paintings. Matt questions all party attendants and resident reptiles, gets momentarily distracted showing off his stuff and eventually realizes the the mind blowing truth of the killer's identity.


Halloween Party at the Zaibatsu HQ! What's the prognosis? MURDER!
— Website description

Quotes Edit

Why do you already have a drink in your hand before you got here?
— Matt to Pat
Will it be worth it in thirty years when I'm dead?
— Pat
Somebody killed Liam. We have to find who did it.
— Matt
He was the best one of us. He was so underrated. His jokes were dry, that was the important thing, man.
— Matt
Do you guys know who killed Liam?
— Matt
Who's Liam?
— Party Goer #1
That cute young guy?
— Party Goer #2
Sir, do you know who killed Liam?
— Matt
Yes, I do.
— Party Goer #3
Who was it?
— Matt
Leland Palmer!
— Party Goer #4
Here's our hand washing station. Usually when I come back from Pat's I like to go here straight away. It's right next to the stairwell here, and you wanna go straight away because you want to wash off all the house centipede eggs after you've been at his place for a couple hours.
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn can be seen playing on the T.V.
  • Music used in the episode is the Berserk (anime) soundtrack, "My Time is Now" (John Cena's theme), "Baddest" by P-Money (Cryme Tyme theme), "Rollin'" by Limp Bizkit and (during the thrilling climax) the Saw theme song.
  • Important clues on the murder board include a packet of candy corn and a map of the whole of Europe.


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