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Game HAWKEN and Titanfall
Length 1:10:38
Upload Date Mar 16, 2015
Controller Matt
Previous Mechwarrior 2
Next Shogo
“I would like to put the sexy bikinis on the mech, I'm not gonna lie.” — Matt

Hawken / Titanfall is the second episode of Mechaweek. In this episode, Matt, Pat and Woolie ogle sexy mechs.

The Best Friends Zaibatsu plays HAWKEN for the first half of the video. Titanfall starts at the 34:41 mark.

About Edit

MISSION_002: FPS_Shitbot_Simulators

Primary Objective: Determine which game captures the feel of a few tonnes of rickety steel clanking around under your ass.

Secondary Objective: Avoid having sexual relations with the mechs in Hawken.

Tertiary Objective: Do not let anyone on the base find out about your sexual relations with the mechs in Hawken.

— Video description

Quotes Edit

This is the game more than any other mech game - this is the one that's just, 'let's zoom in and show you the sweaty parts of these sexy mechs'.
— Woolie
I would like to put the sexy bikinis on the mech, I'm not gonna lie.
— Matt
Imagine that, if even the chubby kid in school could boost.
— Woolie
Don't lose your sperm!
— Woolie
Man, I love watching Matt play PC games.
— Pat
Never not be boosting.
— Pat
Gentleman, we truly are the HAWKEN.
— Matt

Trivia Edit

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