SBFC 086

He Shat His Leather Pants and it Became a Paste

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Length 3:24:47
Date Mar 31, 2015
Guest Maffew
Previous Syringes filled with Corn Syrup
“Pretending that the Philips CDI Zeldas didn't happen will not prevent the new ones. It's like World War II.” — Pat

He Shat His Leather Pants and it Became a Paste is the eighty-six episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Podcastamania! Maffew from Botchamania joins us as we recap the full card! But first, we gush about Bloodborne, rant about Mobage, and fight over Tekken.
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

People will stab you and one of those people is me.
— Pat
How do you feel about addicting children to gambling?
— Pat
The end of the treasure is 'Ha! I was alive, idiots!'.
— Pat
Didn't you have to kill your wife eight times and then cheat on her while she was dead because of the Phoenix Force?
— Pat
I'm fucking stupid, what do you want from me?
— Pat
That's a universal concept, when you glop five years of love into your lover.
— Liam
I wanna know about that Empire guy with the dumb hat.
— Matt
Which one?
— Woolie
Where's the Vectorman code? It was already in the trash. We've gotta pull it back out so we can throw it away again.
— Matt
Pretending that the Philips CDI Zeldas didn't happen will not prevent the new ones. It's like World War II.
— Pat
Tell me I'm as good as Matt.
— Pat
Beat Liam and we'll think about it.
— Matt
The reason I get annoyed when Matt yells 'Medabots!' is because I don't know what Medabots are.
— Pat
Just the awkward rumblings in the backseat of a car.
— Matt
I always imagined there was a smaller man inside him, piloting him.
— Matt about Big Show
Oh, like Krang?
— Maffew
Raise the stakes and replace the ladders with family members and they have to climb their family members.
— Liam
I wanted Rusev to kill that racist fuck.
— Maffew about John Cena
He's only got four moves. He's like Bulbasaur.
— Maffew about John Cena

Letter Time Edit

Q: Are you willing to give up your memories in order to gain power? from Carlos

  • Matt: I will give up a maximum of twenty years for Mr. Fantastic level intelligence. I would sacrifice Woolie for time on the clock.
  • Pat: I'll dump twenty years for mild powers or every memory for Professor X powers, so I can regain my memories through other people's memories.
  • Woolie: If I can keep the memory that I gave them up for this reason but I will go no lower than Tien in power. I would scrape my brain dry for Dio's power.
  • Liam: I will give up just enough to reliably open any bottle or jar with ease.

Q: Woolie's refusal to watch Code Geass because he doesn't like the art style inspires my question today. Have you ever dismissed an anime movie or show because you didn't like the art style? from Everado

  • Matt: I feel like we just had this conversation.
  • Pat: Hunter X Hunter and my dumb-ass idiot self with Skullgirls]].
  • Woolie: I never said that, I never watched it because the fans I knew of it never shut up about it and it got annoying. My dumb-ass idiot self with Demon's Souls.

Q: Would a polished 'so bad it's good' game make you love it more? What if Deadly Premonition were really well done? from Joseph

  • Matt: That's D4. It's better broken.
  • Pat: I prefer it more busted.

Q: Pat, do you think Pillars of Eternity is better than Divinity: Original Sin? from Unknown

  • Pat: Yeah. The gameplay in Divinity is turn based and interesting but the writing in Pillars is far better.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Nothing was mentioned for the Zaibatsu Watch this week.

Trivia Edit