Two Best Friends Play

Heavy Rain: Jason Edition

Heavy Rain Jason Edition
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Uploader T3hPapaBear
Upload Date Oct 16, 2012
Length 1:17
Original Episode Heavy Rain, Part 19
“JASON!” — Ethan Mars

Two Best Friends Play Heavy Rain: Jason Edition is a fan-created video by T3hPapaBear.

The video is a short clip from part ninteen in which Matt asked Pat if there was any way he could get the voice clip of Ethan yelling "JASON" over the sex scene. Pat refused, to retrain the integrity of the playthrough. Thus, this video was created, giving Matt exactly what he wanted.

About Edit

I'm a big fan of these guys. I know this is a short clip but there wasn't much I could make better. These guys are already the shit! Also, I was too lazy to go through like 10 hours of gameplay. Matt and Pat, if you guys see this, I hope you enjoy. Montreal represent!
— T3hPapaBear

Trivia Edit

  • The smooth jazz music used in the video at 00:34 is by J. Thompson.

Gallery Edit

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