This is an extended page of the Heavy Rain (Full Let's Play) "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


The Best Friends start a new adventure and get into a series off boss battles against David Cages’ shitty menus and compliance failure!
— Part one
Press X to Jason remains completely retarded as the Best Friends delve into infinite sadness
— Part two
Taking care of kids is hard, even dumb videogame kids with weird accents.
— Part three
Some dumbass learns he shouldn’t quicktime fight me, and we meet the Time Cop of our story.
— Part four
Detective work is about as tough as merry go rounds and blackouts, whodda thunk it?
— Part five
Man Ethans life is just falling to fucking shit. Also goofy VR space goggles from the future! YEAAAAH
— Part six
Convenience stores and murder fantasy, what’s not to like?
— Part seven
Man fuck Ethan. Man FUCK Blake. Nahman Jahydehn forever!
— Part eight
The Best Friends take on their toughest digital parenting job yet, a baby STALKER! Also Blake continues to be a complete douchebag.
— Part nine
With baby STALKER dealt with, the Best Friends next challenge is Ethans atrocious driving!
— Part ten
The Best Friends go from being digital parents to digital nursemaids, and have the greatest on foot police chase of all time!
— Part eleven
Doing Private Dick stuff with prostitutes, the Best Friends learn that dudes named Gordi are creepy and not to be trusted!
— Part twelve
Ethan takes a trip to SAW and the we patch him up again! RIVETING!
— Part thirteen
Blake continues to be a super great guy, Shelby thinks golf is for pussies, and Matt is really happy with what happens to Ethan as the Best Friends continue their dumb adventure!
— Part fourteen
Oh man Jadens gunna be in so much trouble. OR IS HE?!
— Part fifteen
The whole plot falls to shit, but at least Ethan has a cool guy moment. Won’t stop the Best Friends from making fun of him later though!
— Part sixteen
Don’t take drinks from stange men kiddos! Also don’t do drugs! Man this episode is full of life lessons!
— Part seventeen
This is just getting retarded now. But who cares?! SEXY DANCE!
— Part eighteen
Now it’s time for Jaden to do a sexy dance, and let’s just say stuff not going so great for Shelby.
— Part nineteen
We finally find out who’s the Origami Killer! And man is it fucking stupid!
— Part twenty
We did it! Wow! Does this game just fall the fuck apart or what?
— Part twenty-one Final

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