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Game Her Story
Episodes 4
Combined Length 2:13:10
Original Run Jul 9, 2015 - Jul 15, 2015
Controller Matt
“I think she said cellar because it's fucking bobby waffles.” — Woolie

Best Friends Play Her Story is a full Let's Play in which Matt and Woolie go through old police footage to solve a murder. To find the truth, they must first discover the evils of fennel, listen to the body song, join in on the ultimate tag match, and throw the bin bags full of bobby waffles through the cat flap.

About Edit

— Website description

See the individual episode descriptions at the Her Story Descriptions page.

Quotes Edit

We gotta stop putting JoJo in our things, or put it in more.
This isn't a who done it. It's a who done it, who done it to who, and what they even done.
Fennel? Fuck this game! I'm not talking about nobody talking about fennel.
Now that we've watched that emotional scene, let's listen to the body song.
Oh man. She watched Nintendo's E3 conference.
I only know the most basic of creepy ass nursery rhymes.
When you grow up in shitty old islands, you've got time to kill, man.
Children, are you gonna be ready? For when the man shows up with the machete?
Tagged 'Oh man. Oh jeez.'.
Two tag teams taking each other on. 'We can play this game too!'.
Not when there's a body in the bin bags, ma'am.
Cat flap? England, you're just fucking making things up now.
I think she said cellar because it's fucking bobby waffles.

Gallery Edit

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