SBFC 178

Herpes Just Means Playing on a Different Server

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Length 3:40:46
Date Jan 03, 2017
Guest SuperBunnyhop
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“No games. I just wanna go straight. Straight for the dicks.” — Bunnyhop

Herpes Just Means Playing on a Different Server is the one-hundred and seventy-eighth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Subscribe to Super BunnyHop, don’t talk about Blackface, and buy his Georgesleeves. You can watch us record the podcast live on
— Website description


You can take a screenshot of some live action thing I did and print it out and jerk off on it. No one can stop you.
— Pat
What if you gave birth to a homunculus and it was Sonic?
— Pat
You're wrong about something, on the internet.
— SuperBUnnyhop
Am I the poo-poo or are you the poo-poo, Smash fans?
— Pat
Yeah, I'll shit on Crumpet Dashing!
— Pat
Fuck you! You like it, I heard you, there's video evidence that you are down with the Crumpet Dash.
— Woolie
You don't understand because you're like this with music bands because you're a poser or whatever.
— Pat
Did you guys see the forty percent off sale on the Weyland-Yutani store?
— Woolie
Mildly Okay Acquaintances at HongFire.
— SuperBunnyhop
Shouldn't have put on that mistletoe belt buckle.
— Woolie
I don't want cartoon black-face images associated with my name. That will come back on me.
— Pat
He's doing that thing again, Woolie.
— Pat
What? Fact checking?
— Bunnyhop
— Pat
The thing that ruins the podcast.
— Woolie
You know what I want? You know what I want? I don't want this, don't do this.
— Pat
If you wanna bang me, just ask.
— Bunnyhop
No games. I just wanna go straight. Straight for the dicks.
— Bunnyhop

Letter Time Edit

Q: What is the worst thing to happen to you during Christmas? from Josh

  • Pat: I've never had an objectively awful Christmas. My mom's Christmas was ruined once when four-hundred of my Grandma's shortbread cookies were eaten by my brother over a few weeks without her getting any and she found out on Christmas day when she opened the empty box.
  • Woolie: Realizing my fun Grenada Christmases were ploys by my mom to stop us from realizing we were shanghaied. Other than that, the usual family arguments while I try to eat.
  • Bunnyhop: The day before Christmas two years ago, a ceiling full of cold water and mold fell on me as I was sleeping on the couch at a friend's apartment.

Q: Make New Year's resolutions for each other. from Unknown

  • Pat: Woolie, go to the sleep doctor. Bunnyhop, relax more, you come off as a humorless fuck sometimes.
  • Woolie: Pat, start shitting in public. Bunnyhop, return fire on us for the black-face joke.
  • Bunnyhop: Both of you, stop pushing the black-face angel.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Pat and Woolie: Keeping the channel alive.
  • Bunnyhop: Reviewing 2016, trying to make good videos, convince people to be on my podcast.

Trivia Edit

  • The music used in the outro is "EPONA USA" by Twin Perfect.
  • Matt was not present for this episode because he was taking a break from the Best Friends at the time.