SBFC 028

High Tension, High Stakes Brazillian Pog Butts

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Length 3:10:35
Date February 18, 2014
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“I will not stop splooshing on this podcast!” — Pat

SBFC 028: High Tension, High Stakes Brazillian Pog Butts is the twenty-eighth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Just pretend this episode description is the Punch-Out theme looped for 10 hours, followed by Lightning saying something stupid, and a fail trombone.
— Podcast description


Ain't no thing, if it don't go shwing!
Matt, on Strider
More people need to know about toxmoplagmosis.
— Woolie
If you eat all the cat, there’s probably some parasite in there.
— Pat
Suck it Paris!
— Matt
In Europe, people eat breakfast all day.
— Matt
I had to make my home safe and clean for baby Ashley.
— Pat
If you accidentally remember it, ignore it harder.
— Woolie
That makes flappy bird the greatest game ever!
— Pat
No one’s ever said anything about me losing my hair or being overweight.
— Pat
And to be fair, it’s hard not to see the fish man face when you love it so much.
— Liam
Precipitation of doodoo everywhere.
— Woolie
This is underneath Alpha Chimp, most likely.
— Pat, in reference to Guise of the Wolf
I think we’re gonna enter a new era of punch lasers.
— Pat
I will not stop splooshing on this podcast!
— Pat
I don’t want the rub!
— Matt
I think maybe everyone on the internet should grow up a little bit.
— Pat
Killer is Dead for PC has announced that it too is gay! What!?
— Woolie
I’d rather play Beast Wars than Peace Walker.
— Matt
Go play Peace Wars.
— Woolie
Whenever your wrists hurt, that’s Smash getting better.
— Pat
Finally, the cost it deserves.
— Pat, on Cross Tekken being free on PS Plus
You will surely get the shining.
— Woolie
At least it’ll be friendly semen.
— Pat
Gimme thirty dollars, you can kick me in the dick!
— Pat
Attack people you don’t agree with.
— Liam
Every person should be turned into Lemon Grab.
— Pat

Letter TimeEdit

Q: One shot internet bullet: you've been given the power to destroy one website, which site do you kill?

  • Liam: Control Alt Delete
  • Matt: Westborough Baptist Church
  • Woolie: Westborough Baptist Church
  • Pat: 4chan

Q: What do you think of John McClain taking on the Yakuza and Gruber Jr. in Die Hard 6? - from Don

  • Matt: Could be worse.
  • Pat: It'll be terrible.
  • Liam: There were other Die Hard movies?

Q: Pat, what should I keep in mind for writing about Silent Hill? - from Hiten Mitsuru

  • Pat: Stick to the first three games, focus on the tone, focus on their specific attempts at horror, and pay attention to the differences between them and their contemporaries.
  • Woolie: Don't give Pyramid Head to other people.

Q: Liam, what's your favourite Bravely Default job, job combo, or setup? - from Franktopus

  • Liam: Ninja.
  • Pat: Ninja, with Lore of your strongest weapon, multitask, and Sword Magic.

Q: What's the likelyhood of a Killer Instinct PC port? - from Dillon

  • All: None.

Q: Brennan Williams from the Houston Texans is a fan of yours. What do you think? - from Miguel

  • Woolie: Sweet.
  • Matt: Teach me how to be tough.

Q: What do you think of Gunbuster and Diebuster? - from Elias

  • Woolie: Haven't seen Diebuster, Gunbuster is the shit.
  • Liam: Very good.
  • Matt: Seen a bit of Gunbuster.
  • Pat: Haven't seen either.

Q: Would you have Platinum make a Kill la Kill character-action game, or stop Michael Bay from making a live action Gurren Lagann starring Shia LaBoeuf? - from Janny

  • Pat: Platinum.
  • Liam: Platinum.
  • Matt: Platinum.
  • Woolie: Stop Michael Bay.

Q: My friend's dog ate through my Wii U's power cable. Should I let him pay for a new one, or should I chip in? - from Michael

  • All: It's the friend's responsibility to buy a new one, but if you want to chip in, fine.

Matt WatchEdit

Seth Rogan, for getting Preacher onto AMC (as it should be), instead of making it a movie.

Trivia Edit

  • The intro and outro for this episode is the theme for Punch-Out!! on the Wii.