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Hitomi J-Cup, real name Hitomi Tanaka, is a running joke in Two Best Friends Play. Matt often references her.

Description Edit

In real life, she is a large-breasted Japanese adult video idol, with size 42H breasts in America, or 97J in Japan, hence the name.


  • In Worms 2: The Armageddon, one of Matt's worms was named Hitomi J-Cup.
  • In Scribblenauts Wii U, the best friends try to enter in "Hitomi J-Cup", but the game did not accept it.
  • In Haunting Ground, Matt was able to successfully trigger a cutscene and create a plate key named "HITOMI" based on Hitomi J-Cup. Unfortunately, the plate key did not solve the golem puzzle.
  • Searching "Hitomi J-Cup" into Google Images happens to bring up a screenshot of Pat from the infamous video in which Woolie confesses to giving up sex with two girls for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • In ADVENTURE TIME with Matt the Human! opening scene, Matt is holding a Wii U gamepad using a stylus to draw, finishing the touches on Hitomi's hair while she exclaims "Matt-Kun! You R So Cool!" to a lustful Matt who's reaching out to touch one of the Idols unusually large breasts.
  • In part 4 of the Bionic Commando Re-Armed CO-OP playthrough, Matt makes a wishful comment towards doing playthroughs of his favorite games, prompting Woolie to suggest that the title in question was "Hitomi J-Cup Adventures!" a game which doesn't exist. The game Matt is alluding to is possibly Final Fight 3.


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