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Hollow Knight

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Game Hollow Knight
Length 1:06:44
Controller Woolie
Upload Date Mar 5, 2017
“Dreams are okay. Night terrors are the real problem.” — Woolie

Best Friends Play - Hollow Knight is a one-off episode in which Matt and Woolie take a nice, relaxing trip through H.P. Lovecraft's unwritten children's book where people live inside each other, children are used as currency, beats are dropped without forethought, and none say the accursed word "Metroidvania".

About Edit

— Video description

Quotes Edit

Baby's first horror.
— Woolie
A lot of parents say you can't learn from Best Friends. I say they're right.
— Matt
MMMM! They call me Dirty D. Put the dirt in my mouth.
— Woolie
Dreams are okay. Night terrors are the real problem.
— Woolie
I think we, as humans, should be living inside the bodies of larger humans.
— Woolie
Money for children!
— Woolie
Give me back my thousands of sons!
— Matt
You know, I never said they were mine.
— Woolie
Okay, don't drop irresponsibly kids.
— Woolie
Yeah, no, never drop irresponsibly. Let those beats happen on their own.
— Matt
If the metro station, if the subway station, was a sentient creature that was trapped in the tunnels as it's whole existence is played out before it's very eyes, that'd be pretty fucked up, but I'd still buy a bus pass.
— Woolie

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