Super Best Friends Play

Horizon Zero Dawn

Zero Dawn Title
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Game Horizon Zero Dawn
Season 11
Episode 11
Length 12:41
Upload Date Mar 1, 2017
Controller Pat
Previous Berserk & The Band of The Hawk
Next Mass Effect: Andromeda
“Berserk is about two men who had a disagreement and one takes a boat ride.” — Matt

Super Best Friends Play Horizon Zero Dawn is a Machinima episode in which Matt, Pat, and Woolie experience the long awaited sequel to Enslaved: Odyssey to the West with horrible mutant children, robot caveman husbands, unemployable dreadlocks, and machine gun cultists.


This race of super technologically-evolved cavemen fight hordes of robots with their bows and arrows and bluetooth headsets so they can participate in ancient rituals to pay homage to space mother gods who were birthed out of Windows 3.1
— Video description


This is the worst title for any video game I've ever seen in my entire life.
— Pat
This may be the video with the least video content in it to date.
— Pat
Are you even words?
— Woolie
Stop showing me your weird adult face.
— Woolie
Sorry, Woolie.
— Matt
And you know what, that's not excessive bloom. It's understandable bloom.
— Woolie
Yeah, just a nice amount of Orlandos.
— Pat
Gotta tell my wife I didn't kill her yet.
— Matt
He ain't got no wife.
— Pat
Oh yeah? Gotta tell my husband I haven't kill her yet.
— Matt

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