The Amazing Superfriends!

Hulk Ultimate Destruction

Superfriends Hulk
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Game The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
Length 27:09
Controller Woolie
Previous Silver Surfer
Next X-Men Destiny
“He has to think about that big Hulk dick, sullying everything he loves.” — Woolie

Hulk Ultimate Destruction is the twenty-seventh episode in the Best Friends' The Amazing Superfriends! special.


Woolie finally gets to unleash his inner Woolie!
— Website Description
Woolie lets out his inner Woolie in Ultimate Destruction!
— YouTube description


Matt helps Woolie cope with the childhood trauma of watching his entire family elbow drop and curb stomp his Hulk doll to smithereens. During their therapy session they pick snake names for their muscles, deal with the constant hype, release sexual frustration all over the city, have golf induced fits of rage, and fly through town with dirty, gory cop.


The opening animation is the same one used for Spawn The Eternal.

Quotes Edit

Rest your soul Radical. You were an awesome developer, too bad Activision sucks.
— Matt
Bronson, Missouri. Where everyone is dressed like Charles Bronson.
— Matt
Little known fact, Stan Lee was originally going to call him The Incredible Ball Buster, but decided against it.
— Matt
He has to think about that big Hulk dick, sullying everything he loves.
— Woolie
Kill everything, protect everything, or kill and protect everything.
— Matt
Powerbombing helicopters!
— Woolie
That tanks like, 'I can't believe you did that to my tank bro. Not a big fan of that, Hulk.'
— Matt
Orararararararararara.... ORA!
— Woolie
Gamma powered Psycho Crushers, yeah no sure.
— Matt
Have you ever been so mad you just head butted a building?
— Matt
Giant green man and cow, jumping around town.
— Woolie
Do not judge their love.
— Matt
This Hulk is the best baseball Hulk we've ever had.
— Matt
In a world of cow missiles, who can you trust?
— Woolie

Trivia Edit


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