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Hyper Light Drifter (Beta)

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Game Hyper Light Drifter (Beta)
Length 47:44
Controller Liam
Upload Date Nov 8, 2014
“It was a human costume, it wasn't really human. It's like Pat — Woolie

Best Friends Play Hyper Light Drifter (Beta) is a one-off episode in which Matt, Woolie and Liam free brains from their effluvial grime prisons, overlook Pat's affiliations with racist groups, become history's greatest monster, raise the death count of Woolie's football massacre, and get lost super hard.

About Edit

IF you have any questions concerning Hyper Light Drifer, please consult the following GIF: [1].
— Website description

Quotes Edit

I don't know very much, I just dumped money into because that's all I wanted to do.
— Liam
One time I opened my door, I heard my doorbell ring, and it's just a fucking bomb guy. I think it's the mail man but it's just the bomb guy and he blows me up.
— Liam
Hyper Light: Tokyo Drift. Featuring Bow Wow.
— Woolie
The South rose again Liam. What do you want me to tell you?
— Woolie
It was a human costume, it wasn't really human. It's like Pat
— Woolie
I really wanna push the lore that Pat's that monster from Men in Black where it's a tiny little alien piloting the big one.
— Matt
My stand is Chocolate Starfish and when he blasts something out of his microphone, it causes everything to roll, uncontrollably.
— Matt
I'll Electric Slide for about five minutes, and then I'll strike.
— Woolie
Spell Goose Howard's name with the stick.
— Liam
The L block is the Cloud of Tetris, where people think he's more important than he is.
— Matt

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