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Game I Expect You to Die
Length 29:38
Controller Woolie
Upload Date Dec 21, 2016
“What kind of Bond am I? Am I a Roger Daltry? Am I Sean?” — Woolie

I Expect You to Die is a one-off episode that features Woolie and Liam go on a dangerous mission to uncover the whereabouts of their missing boss all the while exposing their complete lack of Bond knowledge.

About Edit

What kind of Bond are you? About the audio: It dumb. We dumb. We recorded some one offs of 3 VR games that weren't out at launch. If you remember the VR stream, there were problems getting the mic pointed at the person wearing the headset because they're not meant to have the speaker move around much. This time we got a lapel mic for the user to compensate, but it turns out the lapel mic was not only shit quality, but caused Liam to run into some crazy echo issues you heard in the X-wing video. We're talking two audio sources recording the same moments, starting in sync, but exporting with a huge desync for huge baffling reasons. So this is my post processing on a track that is just one mic and the VR player unmic'd but with a gain boost from the background, which makes for some sub par audio, but no echoes. We won't use the setup again.
— Website description

Quotes Edit

If you remember the game I'm thinking of, it's with a girl on the cover with a James Bond sounding name.
— Woolie
Velvet Assassin. BMX XXX.
— Liam
Yo, Moneypenny, let's fuck! Isn't that what James Bond said?
— Woolie
What kind of Bond am I? Am I a Roger Daltry? Am I Sean?
— Woolie

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