This is an extended page of the I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Wow AM, you really are quite the character aren't you, you crazy stupid asshole?
— Part one
Well, let's get to sacrificin eh?
— Part two
Whoo! Benny complete, fuck off AM. But who next?
— Part three
Mirrors, magic, direwolves and DOUCHEBAGS. What a mysterious castle.
— Part four
Another one done. AM, you son of a bitch, we can't stop, won't stop. So quit bein a dick, won't ya? Not even the Devil could beat me.
— Part five
ELLEN! AM sure is heavy handed with this yellow eh? And please ignore the super slick transition that totally wasn't us getting stuck.
— Part six
Wow this is fucking dark. Wow. Christ.
— Part seven, nothing but mistakes this time. Whoopsies.
— Part eight
Back to Gorrister! Hope I don't somehow kill myself again right away! That would be reaaaaaaally stupid.
— Part nine
Jeez, it's colder than my ex mother in law in here!
— Part ten
Moppin it up with Gorrister. What could be left? Nazis of course!
— Part eleven
Man, yknow what makes me feel good? Killin Nazi scientists. Those guys were jerks!
— Part twelve
Alright Nimdok, let's just see how much of a dirtbag you really are.
— Part thirteen
Go fuck yourself AM. You Freudian mess.
— Part fourteen FINAL

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