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I used the Bidet Button

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Length 02:36:48
Date September 30, 2014
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“I wanna live in a world where my transitions are DJ Jazzy Jeff beats.” — Woolie

I used the Bidet Button is the sixtieth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Woolie takes a break in his rampage across Tokyo to chat with the boys on the latest happenings in videogames. The virtues of the squatpot, high-society-buttsquirting, and all American middle-class toilet will be addressed.
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

I'm in Inaba; it's pretty fucking dope.
— Woolie
Y'all need to know somethin'... I used the bidet button.
— Woolie
Japanese toilet technology steps back fifteen years.
— Liam
You'll never recapture the magic of Bone Eater.
— Matt
You know who hates trees? Authors.
— Woolie
But I wanna dress up as slutty blank!
— Pat
There needs to be a stronger word for what this is, 'cause this isn't just not canon, this is like, anti-canon.
— Pat
Did you know that Sword Art is the Emperor of Japan?
— Liam
I'll eat anything for a video!
— Pat
I wanna live in a world where my transitions are DJ Jazzy Jeff beats.
— Woolie
Don't compare out immaculately perfect month of videos to fuckin' candy corn shit!
— Pat

Letter Time Edit

Q: Okay Pat, can we get the rest of that story, "getting your eyes gouged out hurts like shit"? from Kelly

  • Pat: I used to do martial arts in high school. One of the first things you learn is that eye gouging hurts a lot.

Q: Jennifer Hale notwithstanding, has a voice actor/actress' presence ever made you pick up a game based on that merit? from Phil

  • Pat: Anyone from the Legacy of Kain games.
  • Woolie: Catherine
  • Liam: Beyond: Two Souls at first.
  • Matt: Darksiders

Q: If you could live in one of the following sitcom families, who would you pick? The Matthews from Boy Meets World, the Taylors from Home Improvement, the Winslows from Family Matters or the Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. from Abraham

  • Pat: The Banks.
  • Woolie: The Banks
  • Liam: The Taylors
  • Matt: The Taylors

Q: Is there any force on Earth other than grievous bodily harm and loved ones that would make Woolie cut his dreads? from Nathan

  • Woolie: Boredom.

Q: There's a video game out there called Super Robot Wars Original Generation Saga The Lord of Elemental F Coffin of the End from Lars

  • Liam: Yeah, that's the new one that just came out!

Zaibatsu WatchEdit

  • Matt: I bought The Vanishing of Ethan Carter on Good Old Games.
  • Liam: I am continuing to play Hyrule Warriors and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. I'm also looking forward to Natural Doctrine
  • Pat: I'll be splitting my time between Monster, Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold, Wasteland 2 and Super Smash Bros. Fuck me.
  • Woolie: The rest of Japan.

Trivia Edit