Shitstorm 2: The Shittening


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Game Illbleed
Controller Matt, Pat
Length 22:33
Next SCP Containment Breach
Previous The Path
“Illbleed sounds like a really badass band now that I think about it.” — Matt

Illbleed is the sixteenth episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm 2: The Shittening special.

About Edit

Amusement Parks, magic cameras and jump scares? Lets go!
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat go to the virtual horror land, Illbleed. There, they encounter Brock and Sailor Uranus, get blazed, tell stories about the Titan Chronos, have their periods all over, jump in place, scan for fart gas, and win three dollars.

Quotes Edit

Oh man, this is the Dreamcastest fucking thing ever!
— Pat
Look at these fucking Shenmue motherfuckers!
— Pat
Illbleed sounds like a really badass band now that I think about it.
— Matt
This is so the coolest thing we played so far.
— Pat
My Haley Joel Osment is going crazy.
— Matt
Seriously though, I'm period blooding all over myself.
— Pat
Scan for fart gas!
— Pat
I thought it was gonna say 'you are total dead'.
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • Illbleed is the 666th video put up on the TheSw1tcher channel.
  • They played this game based on a recommendation from the Happy Video Game Nerd.
  • When Pat had a job with other people, he realized that they were really dumb and were making him dumb. For example: he alluded to the Greek titan Cronus eating his children, when they got a clock in that was called Cronus, and they didn't get the reference. At all.

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