This is an extended page of the Indigo Prophecy "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Man fuck this. Whats going on. Why do we do this. Whyyy.
— Part one
Well, you saw the one good part of the game. Now the rest of our lives is before us.
— Part two
The stupidity continues as we fight magic bugs. No seriously, you can see them in the title card.
— Part three
Back to the Eternal Sadness, we move on through the most unbelievably dull series of flashbacks I can think of.
— Part four
Time to meet nebulous possible villain/magic person number 2!
— Part five
You can hear our souls dying by the end of this part.
— Part six
Woolie definitely deserves special props for being a great room assault hypeman. Cept he shits it up at the end, of course.
— Part seven
Literally magic termite bugs splooshing all over. I can't believe this.
— Part eight
Welp, he's the moment that the game just shits the bed and kills itself. Yay.
— Part nine
Well, time to sneak into my Exes house! Hope no shenanigans happen at the nuthouse!
— Part ten
Time to fight mystic cat monsters and get impregnated by military space time.
— Part eleven
Here we are. We're finally here, we are I mean. At the end. Fuck you David Cage.
— Part twelve FINAL

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