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Indivisible (Demo)

Indivisible Thumb
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Game Indivisible (Demo)
Length 47:37
Controller Woolie
Upload Date Oct 18, 2015
“Most Divine Gaping Vagina Lion.” — Matt

Best Friends Play Indivisible (Demo) is a one-off episode in which Matt and Woolie play Lab Zero's RPG made with out of the Skullgirls engine as they absorb people and make them their stands.


— Facebook Description


Oh god, a Zubaz reference already.
— Matt
He seems like the final boss in an Aladin game that never got released.
— Matt
Wrathful deities of the Southeast Asian persuasion.
— Woolie
What? Chip damage in my RPGs?
— Matt
It's more likely than you think.
— Woolie
Most Divine Gaping Vagina Lion.
— Matt

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