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Insanity's Blade

Insanity's Blade Title
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Game Insanity's Blade
Length 25:26
Controller Matt and Woolie (Co-Op)
Upload Date Feb 15, 2015
“That blade, does in fact, look like it's losing it's mind.” — Woolie

Best Friends Play Insanity's Blade is a one-off video in which Matt and Woolie play as the eternally unquenched Thurstan and his buddy, off-brand Volgarr, as they perform wrestling moves on burning corpses, increase the world's orphan supply, kill Woolie's Ent brethren, and get trapped inside dungeons walls.


I'm worried about the mental health of this blade.
— Video Description


Did Buddha write this?
— Matt
This is a really weird game on Steam and the only way I can describe it is, it has it's heart in the right place.
— Matt
That blade, does in fact, look like it's losing it's mind.
— Woolie
I wanna back break this little kid that looks like Barney Rubble.
— Matt
Is this your first time at Furry Ball Convention?
— Matt
Man, shout outs to those Metal Slug prisoners, 'cause they throw Hadokens out.
— Woolie
Only children. This village is just a weird Pat place of just children.
— Matt
♫ A little bit of Sigma in my life. ♫
— Matt
♫ A little bit of Zero by my side. A little little Axel, all I need. A little bit of Roll... ♫
— Woolie
Goddam Nordic ninjas!
— Woolie
Yeah, they're always a problem.
— Matt
The concept of throwing axes is ridiculous, 'cause even if they...
— Woolie
Oh believe me, I know.
— Matt

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