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Inside Title
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Game Inside
Episodes 6
Combined Length 3:21:50
Original Run Jul 7, 2016 - Aug 4, 2016
Controller Woolie


Best Friends Play Inside is a full Let's Play in which Matt and Woolie take Beast-Kid Christopher Robin on a tour through South Town's hunger factories and learn the ways of Slave-ception.


— Playlist description

See the individual episode descriptions at the Inside Descriptions page.

Quotes Edit

Welcome to a hot weekend inside Woolie and Matt
If you were a Jewish assassin, that'd be the worst.
Woolie on jumping into a cart of dead pigs.
I'll take dead pigs, cheep chirps, and squirmy wormies as long as there are no adults around.
The tables have turned, hooman!
He breaks your bones. It's the first thing he does!
Woolie being attacked by a doggo
As long as you have a dude connected to another dude, you can control anything, anywhere.
Two, three, or four, or five dudes. The more the merrier for me.
But the fact that it has a tackle makes all the difference.
And if you aimed it upward it could be described as some type of rising tackle.
Making love to Beyonce in an underwater vehicle has always been a dream of mine.
I mean, really, Pikmin and random hicks have the same functioning capacity.
I like me a thick slave.


  • The title card was made by ???.
  • The descriptions underneath the YouTube videos are written in Morse code and when decoded in order spell out: S SS BEASTCHILDIS COMINGFOR YOU NIGGA

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