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It's All Downhill From Here

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Length 2:15:38
Date June 30, 2014
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“I would actually really like to know who Kojima's sleeping with, because every time he's done he goes 'did you rike it?'.” — Matt

It's All Downhill From Here is is the forty-seventh episode of the Super Best Friendcast.


It’s a slow news week you guys, but there’s still some videogame goodness to be discussed? Legend of Korra busts the Platinum theory game wide open, and the return of a “Plague Asks” segment.
— Podcast desription

Quotes Edit

Episode fifty-one confirmed to be the worst episode of this podcast.
— Pat
You have to keep the purity of the shovel!
— Matt
Eat your burger, Tom!
— Matt
That's the solution: 150 more hours, tonight!
— Liam
Some of them were so mean and shitty, I had to read Nuzlocke comments to feel better.
— Woolie
I would actually really like to know who Kojima's sleeping with, because every time he's done he goes 'did you rike it?'.
— Matt
When are we gonna upgrade this podcast to 144 FPS per second?
— Pat
You couldn't watch anime because Japan. That's fucked up.
— Woolie
If you went to Japan, would you sit there in the fuckin' apartment watching anime?
— Liam


Letter Time Edit

Q: Are there characters in fighting games whose movesets and general feel you love, but personality and appearance you hate? from Plague of Gripes

  • Liam: Iron Tager
  • Woolie: Kasumi Todoh
  • Pat: Athena Asamiya

Q: I was wondering if any of you guys have watched Stargate SU1, what do you think of it? from Scott Smith

  • Pat: Stargate 1 fuckin' kicks ass!
  • Liam: I watched it, but I was a lot younger then. I thought it was a really cool sci-fi odyssey.
  • Matt: I watched the first two seasons, but I was disappointed because they couldn't get the movie actors.
  • Woolie: I haven't seen it, but I wanted more movie.

Q: What kind of TV should I buy? from Dylan

Q: I want to know how you feel about the cinematic experience known as Crank and Crank: High Voltage from Evan

  • Pat: Those movies are Shakespearean. Crank 1 is not good, Crank 2 is a work of good damn art.
  • Matt: One of those is good, the other is not good.
  • Woolie: I've only seen Crank 1.
  • Liam: It was the dumbest, greatest film ever made.

Q: Archair CEO: Would you have ditched Sony for Phillips back in the day if you were Nintendo? from Zachary

  • Matt: Yes, of course.
  • Pat: No!
  • Woolie: I can't think of any other way to play that.

Q: Are you worried about The Division in light of recent visual fidelity downgrades and if we think it'll set a precedent for how Ubisoft is going to handle PC? from Taylor

  • Pat: Absolutely!
  • Matt: I think it's a worry, but not a certainty.
  • Woolie: I think after the big butt crap fart stink, they're gonna start taking their time.
  • Liam: It's made by a different team, so it has a different set of issues.

Q: Can you do another anime wrap-up at the end of this season? from Ethan

  • Sure, I can do that next week.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Pat: All the Steam games I bought, primarily Divinity: Original Sin.
  • Woolie: Virtue's Last Reward, reverse watch to the DSI Wario Ware Snapped!
  • Matt: The theme month.

Trivia Edit

  • The outro music for this episode is "Rock-n-Rage", the end credits song for Primal Rage.