It's Skullgirls babyee!

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Game Skullgirls
Length 5:04
Date Feb 5, 2012
Next Street Fighter The Movie: WTF Happened?
Previous Play Weaponlord Immediately
“SKULLGIIIIRLS!” — Matt and Woolie

It's Skullgirls baybee! is the seventh episode of Fighterpedia. Woolie, Matt, and Zubaz are introduced, which is followed by Woolie and Matt expressing their hype for Skullgirls through song.

About Edit

Woolie and Matt like Skullgirls and they don't care who knows.
— Video description


Yamane-san on the board, get yo' 'Vania fix

Hot and balanced out the gate, fuck yo' HD mix

You want them aerial raves, but you want them with chicks?

(Three on three with the ladies, a menage-a-six?)

Dat free ratio booty, custom assists

Too much animation, butt be shittin' bricks

Need dat Mahvel hype, but without all the dicks?



I said "Fuck you, bitch, launch party erryday!"
— Woolie
— Matt
Then we got some shorty that look like Felix the Cat!
— Matt and Woolie
Skullgirls: Gettin' filthy this Summer, Spring, or Fall.
— Matt


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